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James Moore 
Monday, 9. July 2012 20:34 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was cleaning out my parent old packed boxes, ran across my 1973 Solo award. Google Squadron 3, and found the web site. Is it really been 40 plus years!.
I started looking thru the alumni and just started remembering. You guys where some of my best friends, and flying is still something I enjoy.I have two boys 8 and 13 and we going soaring at Avenal this month.I live in Arroyo Grande. I work as a field engineer for a company that supplies telephone service to inmates I go to jail a lot, but only as a repair technician.I enjoy the central coast. I completed my Master's degree in computer science 10 years ago. Received my undergraduate from Cal Poly (finance and accounting) I have traveled from Japan to Spain, from Guam to Norway. Born in California lived here all my life. I have worked in Boston, and love New England. However my home is here in California. My ex was 12 years in the Navy as an Corpman (nurse)I love children; I have two wonderful little boys ages 8 and 13 that live with me full time. Their mother is not in their life at all. I am a responsible parent, putting the children’s well being before anything. Which really changed the course of my life ( for the better )
I enjoy the ocean, sailing and SCUBA (water is too cold here: prefer warm clear water). As you all know one of my real passion is flying, In the 90's I had a Cherokee 140, and now well thinging about getting another plane. I buying 40 acres near Paso Robles. I love flying out of Paso.I still like to run and workout, great why to control stress, that and a cocktail once in a while.I hope you all are great. I so happy that Josh build this web site. I wish I made the reunion
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