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Richard Box 
Redlands, CA
Wednesday, 6. October 2004 23:36 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I was extremely pleased to have Josh track me down regarding the early days of Squadron 3.

He found me retired and living in Redlands, California with my wife, Susan and two Spanish Granddaughters that are attending Middle and High School in the California.

I was part of the original group that dismantled and restored the Piper J3.

My first flight was in the Air Coupe, however flight training was done in the Piper J3. I am in the process of digging out the old picture, especially the “fly-ins” at Death Valley. I put in the effort and finally received my Single Engine Land license after I graduated from USC in 1963.

Part of my working career was in the aviation industry and I believe my experience with Squadron 3 influenced that choice. I have a lot of memories about the Air Scouts, which I will cherish forever.

Josh, thank again for the call.

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