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Jerry F. Detwiler 
Centennial, Colorado
Tuesday, 7. September 2004 23:08 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Josh and all the original members from 1953 to 1956,

Josh tracked me down in Laguna Beach, CA at our summer cottage (949)376-8424. I was one of the original Assistant Squadron Leaders and flight instructors in the J-3 Cub at Whiteman Air Park. Jim Upton and Chuck Gifford were two of the Air Scouts I worked with. I'll be digging out my old Sq. 3 photos and trying to remember more of you!

I was just back from the Korean conflict where I flew PBM Martin Mariner seaplanes and finished my aeronautical engineering degree at USC in 1956 while flying F4U Corsairs at NAS Los Alimitos! I also got married inb 1956 and had to give up working with the squadron!

Lots of memories and an educational career always tied in with aviation!
More later!

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