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Dennis Rice 
Richardson (Dallas), Texas
Monday, 25. November 2013 16:10 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Congratulations to Josh and all who worked to develop an excellent web page.

I was active in the Squadron between '63 and '66. We all learned lots and had lots of fun doing it. Especially remember the many campouts and activities (that should maybe not be discussed) that we had. Wondering if stories should be written by past members of our experiences.

Very much enjoyed the photos and seeing myself in several photos, especially holding up Stephen Adams leg beside the Cessna 150. I am reviewing my photos to add to the contribution. Wish I had been able to do more when in the Squadron, finally earning my Private SEL and Glider rating in the mid '70's. In the 70's I owned a Bellanca Scout and Schleicher Ka-6 glider while living in Alaska.

Greatest thoughts to Ralph Truglio for being so prominent in all of the activities over all of the years and helping all the members learn to fly. Special note to the advisers of the group, who instilled upon me to become an adviser of Air Explorer Squadron (Post) 49 in Anchorage, Alaska.

For the past, present, and future, best of all for the Squadron.
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