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FAA Ratings Obtained Profession Email
Adams Stephen 1964-1969 Private Pilot, SEL
Aircraft Mechanic A&P
School Teacher
Squadron President
Adams Merlin 196?-196? Private Pilot, SEL Owner - N.H. Carburetor & Ignition
Squardon Advisor
Father of Steve Adams
Aghayans Patrick 1995-2000 Airline Transport Pilot (MEL)
Commercial Pilot (SEL)
CFI (SEL/MEL/Instrument)
FBO Owner/Operator/Flight Instructor email
Allan Mike -
Allmond Rel -
Allmond Robin -
Alvarez Robert -
Anderson Adrian -
Andrus Richard -
aodqia aodqia - email
Arazi Yehuda ????-????
Auwerda Scott 1970-1973 Aircraft Mechanic A&P Technical Writer email
Auwerda Peter 1970-1973 Aircraft Mechanic A&P Delta Airlines Mechanic (retired) email
Baddin Ryan -
Barrara Jose ????-????
Bates Edward -
Beck Richard -
Becker Jon 1962-1965 Private Pilot, SEL & Glider
Aircraft Mechanic, A&P
Experimental Aircraft Builder
Electro-Optics Engineer,
Department of Energy, Las Vegas
Beckert Tom -
Bender Arno -
Benson Sean -
Cathi 1980-1983 Student Pilot - Solo Preschool Teacher, Mother
Squadron President
Biedermann Don 1977-1982 Student Pilot - Solo IT Program Manager - SAIC email
Biley Tom 197?-198? Airline Transport Pilot Corporate Pilot email
Biley Doris 1976-1981 Squadron Advisor
Mother of Tom Biley
Binczek Micheal -
Blaufuss Wally 1958-1960 Student Pilot Construction - Custom Homes none
Bolyard Mike -
Born Steven 1967-1972 Student Pilot, Solo High School Science Teacher
Squadron President
Born Paul 1967-1970 Sub contracts administrator, McDonnell Aircraft,
McDonnell Douglas, died 1985
Boucher Christopher -
Boula Cindy -
Box Richard 1953-1955 Private Pilot, SEL Industrial Engineer, Lockheed &
Electronic Componts Industry Exec. (retired)
Bradley Ronald 19??-19??
Brady James -
Bratly Rebecca -
Bratly Bill 197?-Present Private Pilot, SEL, Instrument Rated Electronic Component Sales & Squadron Advisor since mid 1970s email
Breskin Paul 195?-195?
Brewer Larry 19??-19??
Bricker Skip 19??-19??
Brown William 200?-Present
Bury Carolyn -
Cadia John 1985-1992 Airline Transport Pilot Captain, Mesa Airlines, Inc email
Cagan Tom 1958-1965 Private Pilot, SEL Product Specialist
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Amateur Radio Callsign: KB6NQW
Cagan Harry 1958-1970 Private SEL, Instrument Mechanical Engineer RME
Squadron Advisor
Caiola Anthon -
Cairo Fred -
Caracas Reiner 1986-1989 Private Pilot Sel, Flight Engineer(C-130) L.A. City Fireman, Ang Flight Engineer email
Caracas Louis -
Carey Jim -
Cash Christine -
Catlin Bill -
Cengia Bob 1951-195? Student Pilot email
Chamberlaim Ross -
Chase Howard - Airline Transport Pilot Airline Pilot (retired)
Flying Tigers & FedEx.
Squadron Flight Instructor
Father of Mitchell Chase
Chase Mitch 1976-1981 Private Pilot, SEL TV/Radio Sports Director
Squadron President
Chudacoff Bret -
Cigarroa Marvin -
Clawson Bob 1954-1957 Student Pilot - Solo Professor Emeritus of European Military Studies at Kent State University email
Coger Brian -
Conner Pat -
Conradson Darr 1969-1973 Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL, Instrument Rated. Corporate Pilot (retired) email
Corbett (Kocsis) Vicky 1981-1982 Commercial Pilot, SEL
Instrument Rated, CFI, CFII
Owner of Kocsis Trucking, Mother,
ISD case worker
Coyne Chris -
Crittenden Clint 1967-1968 Student Pilot Graphics Manager, Xerox Corporation email
Crittenden John 1967-1968 Private Pilot, Airframe &Powerplant Mechanic email
Cubley Pat ????-????
Cunningham Michael -
Custard Tom -
Daley Charles (Chip) -
Daly Mike -
Danceforth Bill -
Dean Steve -
Deaville Paul 1960-1962 Private Pilot, SEL Los Angeles County
Senior Construction Inspector
Deddens Steve 19??-19?? Airline Transport Pilot SEL/MEL Airline Pilot
Captain, Continental Airlines
Deddens Mike 195?-196? Airline Transport Pilot SEL/MEL Airline Pilot, FedEx (MD-11 Captain) email
Detwiler Jerry 1952-1957 Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL University Professor & Administrator
Squadron Flight Instructor
Devou Charles 19??-19??
Dodge Charles -
Dodge Bob 1965-1974 Private Pilot, SEL Commercial Finance Officer
Squadron President
Dolliver Richard 19??-19??
Dorkin Cody 2007-Present Student Pilot email
Dorman Donald -
Drucker Eric 1988-1993 Northrop Grumman Space Technologies email
Drumheller Scott -
Duarte Jose ????-????
Duly Ron 19??-19??
Duval Steve -
Duxler Robert 1958-1959 Student Pilot - Solo Auto Parts Business Owner email
Edmiston Bill 1951-1957 Student Pilot - Solo Telecommunications Senior Technician email
Eisenberg Bill 1978-1982 Private Pilot SEL
Instrument Rated
Information Technology email
El-Sherif Dina -
Elliott Dean -
Ellis George -
Eshaleman David 200?-Present
Farr Keith -
Ferguson John 198?-198?
Ferrato Victor -
Flores Mark -
Flynn Jack -
Forker Bob -
Foster Rick -
Fox Paul -
Fox Larry 1978-1982 Student Pilot, Solo Sheet Metal Contractor
Squadron President
Fox Steve 19??-19??
Frake Gene -
Franco Nick -
Frese Mike -
Gadbury Mike 1957-1961 Student Pilot, Solo Financial Manager
Garvin Matthew 2002-Present Student Pilot Student email
Gatewood Charles -
Gearhart Philip -
Ghosn Joe -
Gifford Chuck 1951-1957 Commercial Pilot & CFI
Airplane SEL, MEL & Glider
Instrument Rated
Mechanic, A&P
Aviation Instructor - Cypress College email
Gillingham Ray (Shorty) 1951-1958 Private Pilot, Airframe Mechanic Airframe Repair Station Owner
Squadron Advisor
Goetsch Stephen -
Goetzinger Dave 195?-195? Private Pilot, SEL Furniture Store Owner email
Goltz Arthur -
Gomes Mike -
Graham Michele -
Griffin Jim -
Gunderson Robert -
Gurnick Stephen 200?-Present email
Hadley Vern -
Hadley Pete 1961-1967 Airline Transport Pilot,
Private Pilot, ASEL, Instrument Rated
EMS Helicopter Pilot email
Hagopian Don 1965-1970 Private Pilot, SEL Photographer &
President, Whiteman Airport Assn.
Hampe Jim -
Hamshire Donald -
Hart Robert -
Hart Mike -
Haug Chris ????-????
Heckler Fred 19??-19?? Killed in 1968 while serving his third tour in Vietnam
Heckler Peter 19??-19??
Heckler Ralph 19??-19??
Hergot Jay 1964-1965 Private Pilot SEL Motion Picture Lighting none
Herring Henry 19??-19?? Commercial Pilot, CFI Squadron Flight Instructor
Hess Homer 1951-19?? Squadron Founder
Hirsch Micheal -
Hirsch Henery -
Hodgins Mike 19??-19??
Hollebeke Jack 1951-1970 Private Pilot Auto Body Shop Owner
Squadron Advisor
Hoover Tom ????-????
Horst Brian -
Howard Scott 2002-Present Private Pilot ASEL, AMEL, Instrument Rated Student email
Hreczkosij Steve -
Hreczkosij Michael 1992-1992 Commercial, Multiengine, Single, BE400 Type US Air Force Pilot email
Huerta Lionel 200?-Present
Huff Jason -
Huffman Russell -
Hull Rick -
Humphrey Glen 1971-1973 SEL Engineer email
Irving Mark -
Jagua Vance -
Jagua David -
Jensen Evan 1983-1990 Commercial Pilot, Helicopter Private Pilot, Airplane SEL Commercial Helicopter Pilot email
Jerred Dick -
Johnson Aman 1983-1990 Airline Transport Pilot - MEL
Commercial Pilot - SEL
Corporate Pilot email
Johnson Dale 1951-195? Iron Worker none
Jones David 1963-1970 Private Pilot, SEL Aerospace Engineer, Boeing email
Jones Jeffery -
Jorgensen Jennifer -
June Till -
Kachatryan Ruben -
Kane George -
Karp Larry -
Kelley Geoff -
Kelly Timothy -
Kenareki Armen 2005-Present working on it Kids Foot Locker part time. email
Kennemur (Batham) Jeanine 1980-1982 Student Pilot Barista, Florist & Mother email
Khachactryan Ruben -
Khachatryan Ruben 1991-2001 A.T.P Lear Jet and Gulfstrem 2/3 Type CFI-II Corporate Pilot email
Klein Michael 1973-1977 Private Pilot, SEL Real Estate Finance
Squadron President & Western Region VP National Aviation Exploring Assn.
Knouse Jeff 1961-1962 Private Pilot, SEL email
Krajeski Sean -
Kreis Arthur -
Krum Morrow -
Lagro Lou 1979-1984 Commercial Pilot, SEL
Instrument Rated, CFI
US Air Force Pilot - retired (P-40, P-51, F-86, RF-84, F-102, F-80, T-33, F-104, F-106)
Squadron Flight Instructor
Laitinen Richard 1968-1970 Student Pilot Clinical Child Psychologist email
Landis Jeff 2001-Present Student Non-Profit email
Lane Lisa ????-????
Lang Robert -
Lang Peter 19??-19?? Private Pilot, SEL Health Care Worker (retired) email
Lang George 1954-1958 Squadron Advisory Committee
Father of Pete Lang
Leatherwood Tom 1958-1959 Private Pilot, SEL/MEL Owner, Aircraft Parts Business email
Lebens Steve 19??-19??
Lehman John 1970-1975 Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated CHP Pilot / Officer
Squadron President
Lehman John Sr. 1970-1970 Insurance Business Owner
Father of John Lehman
Lober Josh 1975-1978 Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL, Instrument Rated Software Developer
Amateur Radio Callsign: KG6Q
Lober Steve 1971-1974 Airline Transport Pilot (MEL)
Commercial Pilot (SEL)
Private Pilot (glider)
Retired Airline Pilot, FedEx (B777 Captain)
Amateur Radio Callsign: KG6EAF
Locke Otto -
Lockwood Bill -
Lopez Patrick -
Luke Frank -
Lundberg Don 1966-1968 Airline Transport Pilot MEL
Commercial Pilot SEL
Airline Captain, TWA (retired) email
Lundberg Randall 1966-1968 Student Pilot - Solo
Lush Mike 1980-1981 Student Pilot - Solo Aerospace Engineer none
Lush Dan -
Macarian Marc -
Mahan Max 1951-198? Private Pilot Photographer & Squadron Founder
Major Bart -
Mantell Mike 1964-1974 Commercial Pilot (SEL, MEL), CFI, CFII Manufacturer of Medical Devices email
marcarian saro (mark) 1990-1992 private pilot single engine land software architect email
Margules Richard 19??-19??
Mateu Mike -
Maw Fred 1951-19?? Fire Fighter, Squadron Founder &
Flight Instructor
wife Geri
Maw Fred III 1958-1964 Student Pilot - Solo Video Production - Frema Video, wife Betty email
Maxson Lee 1977-1981 Airline Transport Pilot (MEL)
Commercial Pilot (SEL, Glider)
CFI - SEL, MEL, Gliders,
Instrument Airplane
Mechanic A&P
Airline Captain (A320), US Airways email
Mayers Greg 2005-2005 Commercial AMEL with Instrument rating Purdue Student email
Mayers Gregory 2005-2005 Private Pilot, SEL Purdue Student email
Mayers G 2005-2005 COMM ASEL/AMEL, IRA CFI Purdue Student
McDaniel Randy -
McDaniels William -
McDonald Geoffrey -
McIntyre Michael 1959-1961 Private Pilot (SEL) CHP Officer & Investigator for FedEx (retired) email
Meinel Jim 19??-19??
Miller John 1958-1962 Student Pilot - Solo Fireman - Baltamore, MD (retired) email
Miller Hershel 1958-1962 Lockheed Aircraft (retired)
Monson Mark -
Moody Stephen -
Moore James 1971-1977 Private Pilot, SEL Field Engineer email
Moore Jeff -
Morris Lloyd 1960-1967 Commercial Pilot Airplane SEL,
Instrument Rated (ASEL)
CFI ASEL/Helicopter
Maintenance Supervisor A & P email
Moser Kerry 197?-197? Airline Transport Pilot (MEL) Airline Pilot, FedEx (MD-11 Captain)
Moursi Wally -
Moye Jim - email
Moye Steve -
Moye Bill - Movie Film Processing
Squadron Advisor
Father of Steve, Dave & Jim Moye
Moye Dave 197?-197? Detective, LAPD
Amateur Radio Callsign: N6HGA
Moyer Ted 1976-1979 Airline Transport Pilot SEL/MEL
CFI (SEL/MEL/Instrument)
Airline Pilot, FedEx (MD-11 Captain) none
Mulcahy Robert 1969-1974 ATP Airplane Multi&Single Engine Land & Sea AA Pilot 86-Present USAF/ANG Pilot 78-04 (Retired) email
Mulford Ray -
Munier Larry 195?-195? Airline Transport Pilot SEL/MEL Aircraft Marketing & Sales (retired) email
Nassour Rex -
Neuls Paul 1954-1958 Aircraft Metal Worker
Squadron Advisory Committee
Father of Norm Neuls
Neuls Norm 1954-1958 Airline Transport Pilot, AMEL Commercial Pilot, ASEL, ASES, Rotorcraft/Helicopter Corporate Pilot (retired)
Boeing 727, Hawker 125, DC-3
Amateur Radio Callsign: AL7BZ
Neveu Jan -
Neveu Diane -
Newbauer George 19??-19??
Nicholson Lloyd 19??-19??
O'Neill Richard 19??-19??
O'Neill Jimmy -
Obenchain Bill 1953-195? Airframe & Powerplant Aeronautical Engineer - Retired from
Lockheed Aircraft after 34 years.
Squadron Advisor
Father of Dwight Obenchain
Obenchain Dwight 1953-195? Commercial Pilot SEL/MEL Rotocraft/Helicopter
Instrument Rated and CFI
Police Officer (retired) email
Olkowski Arye 2005-Present Student Pilot email
Onesto Eric ????-????
Osler Richard -
Ostrom Bob 1951-1954 Student Pilot - Solo Aerospace Engineer (retired) none
Outwater Kurt -
Peterson Eric -
Pierchala Tom 1959-1963 Airline Transport Pilot SEL/MEL Airline Pilot, FedEx (MD-11 Captain) email
Pluth Dave 196?-196? Professional Photographer & Writer
Pluth Bill -
Preston Paul 197?-197? Detective - Fresno P.D. email
Preston Clayton -
Prevost Orville -
Price Elvan - email
Priest Steve ????-????
Rainwater Gary -
Raviv Barak 1995-2000 Private Pilot SEL Financial Advisor email
Ray Bill -
Reno Andrew -
Reynolds Craig - Commercial Pilot, SEL
Ground Instructor
Ski & Sporting Goods store owner
Squadron Ground School Instructor
Rice Dennis 1963-1966 SEL, Glider Telecommunications Engineer email
Riley Michelle -
Ritch Wynne -
Rocrans Matt -
Rogers Brian -
Rogne Conrad 1952-195? Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL/Glider
CFI Glider
Aeronautical Engineer (Lockheed/Bendix)
Squadron Advisor & Flight Instructor
Rosalowski Mark 200?-Present
Rosman Darrell -
Rowan Chek -
Rowland Mike -
Ruiz Newton -
Rupp Kevin ????-????
Rush Lashel 19??-19??
Rutter Chuck - Squadron Advisor
Father of Mark Rutter
Rutter Mark 197?-197? Private Pilot, SEL
Instrument Rated
Sankey John -
Santiago Diego 200?-Present
Schlein Steve - Student Pilot Attorney (retired) email
Schnair Harvey 196?-196?
Schnair David 196?-196?
Schnair Mike 196?-196? Auto Restoration (Retired)
Schremof David 19??-19??
Schultz Brian -
Seeley Robert -
Seletos Thomas -
Sharad Hajela -
Sherrill Don 1955-1957 Retired email
Sholder Craig -
Siegle Charles -
Siemers Tom 1966-1969 Private Pilot, SEL Sales & Marketing, Alpha Color email
Simansky Joel 1980-1988 Private Pilot SEL, Instrument Rated Aeronautical Engineer - Georgian Aerospace email
Simansky Dan - Private Pilot SEL Squadron Advisor
Father of Joel Simansky
Small Harold -
Smith Jodi -
Smith Russell -
Smith Charles -
Smith Dale 19??-19??
Smith Brad & Linda - Linda: Personnel Director (retired)
Brad: University Counselor (retired)
Parents of Sharon Smith
Amateur Radio Callsign: WT6B (Brad)
Smith (Mellinger) Sharon - Student Pilot - Solo Jr. High History Teacher &
School Librarian
Squadron President
Snead Mike -
Sneddon Jack -
Spiegel Scott 1976-1980 Private Pilot, SEL
Instrument Rated
Aerospace Engineer, Boeing
Squadron President
Spreuer Bill - Squadron Flight Instructor
Father of Keith Spreuer
Spreuer Keith 1960-1964 Private Pilot, SEL, Instrument Rated Aerospace Engineer - United Flight Accessories email
Stafford Tim -
Stanton Sam - email
Stark Muriel -
Stearns Gary 1973-1980 Airline Transport Pilot Airline Pilot - Flying Tigers & FedEx. Squadron Flight Instructor
Steele Jason -
Steffan Joe 19??-19??
Steigle Henry 19??-19??
Stimson Dick 1962-1964 Prive Pilot SEL Nevada State Trooper &
Insurance Claims
Amateur Radio Callsign: KK5XO
Stott Jim -
Strand Ben 1994-1999 Private Pilot, SEL Student CSUN email
Strong Ron 195?-196? Student Pilot Park Maintenance Supervisor (retired) email
strortokc strortokc 1985-New York LoPIUYzhHvYzu email
Sydney Abbott -
Tadlock Larry 1957-1958 Student Pilot, Solo email
Tamblyn Larry 1958-1959 Student Pilot Musician, Audio Engineer email
Thabet Rami -
Theroux Michelle -
Theroux Greg 1979-1983 Hang Glider - Advanced Rating TV Cameraman email
Thompson Ted 1962-1964 Airline Transport Pilot Airline Pilot, Alaska Airlines
Captain of Alaska Flight 261, Crashed Jan. 31 2000 due to failure of horizontal stabilizer trim system.
Tomerlin Erin -
Torkild Pete 1980-1982 SEL / MEL Lawyer / Land Developer / Real Estate & Mortgage Company Owner email
Trask William 2003-2007 Student Pilot email
Trout Sam 1954-1958 Solo Telecommunications (retired)
Truglio Ralph 1955-Present Commercial Pilot, ASEL, Instrument Rated, CFI School Teacher (retired) Squadron Flight Instructor, 1955 to Present email
Turner Roger 19??-19??
Uberbi Carl 19??-19??
Upton Virgil 1953-1959 Private Pilot SEL Engineer at Lockheed Aircraft
Squadron Advisory Committee
Father of Jim & Herb Upton
Upton Herb 1960-1961 Commercial Pilot SEL/MEL Engineer &
Print Shop Business Owner
Upton Jim 1953-1959 Private Pilot, SEL & Rotorcraft/Helicopter Lockheed Flight Test Engineer (retired), Aviation Author email
Uschyk Richard 19??-19??
Van Drieshsse Jeremy - email
Van Driessche Jeremy 2007-2008 Graduated USAFA 2010- now in flight school email
Van Kline Yon -
Vetter Keith -
Warner George -
Warren Jack 19??-19??
Way Perry -
Weaver John -
Webster Jim 1956-1958 Commercial Pilot - SEL/MEL/MES & Rotorcraft, Instrument Rated Pilot USCG - Retired
(Fixed Wing & Helicopter)
Aeronautical Engineer - Boeing
Weinload William -
Wern Jan -
White Ed -
White Dan -
Wiens Jeff -
Wilson Brad -
Wilson Paul -
Wilson Chris 19??-19??
Wiswell Norm 1957-1959 Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL/SES/MES & Rorocraft/Helicopter
Instrument Airplane
Mechanic A&P, IA
Corporate Pilot (B727), Charter Pilot
Aircraft Mechanic & IA
Amateur Radio Callsign: KL1LA
Woodmansee Glenn -
Wright Paul 19??-19??
Young Mark 1997-Present Commercial Pilot, SEL/MEL, Instrument Rated, CFI CSUN Student & Squadron Flight Instructor email
Yu James -
Zambello Bryon 1985-2003 Airline Transport Pilot, CFI Airline Pilot, Delta Airlines
Squadron Flight Instructor
Zinnanti Anthony -
Zollner Holly -
zruxetnxta zruxetnxta - email
Zyda Joe -

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